Which Bunco Babe Are You?

Kitty, Shea, and Pilar are the heart and soul of the Bunco Babes. Take the quiz and find out which one you’re most like!

1. You’re on a plane and the flight attendant begins the safety demonstration. You:

a) Sit up and pay attention. It’s the polite thing to do. Plus, you never know when there might be an emergency and you’ll need the information!
b) Pretend to pay attention (the ear buds to your iPod are discreetly tucked beneath your hair so no one will know you’re dissing the flight attendant). After all, you never know if you’ll need him or her to do you a favor later on in the flight.
c) You’ve heard the drill a hundred times already. Try to catch another flight attendant’s attention so you can order a drink. You never know when they might cut off in-flight service.

2. You’re in an expensive restaurant with a date who is potential husband material and there’s a screaming baby at the next table. You:
a) Throw sympathetic smiles toward the parents. After all, they can’t help it if their baby is crying.
b) Go up to the table, smile, and give the parents a business card to a babysitting service. After all, not everyone has as much common sense as you do.
c) Tell the maitre d’ you want to be moved to another table on the other side of the restaurant. After all, if the guy you’re with is potential husband material he needs to know upfront that you’re a take charge kind of woman.

3. The designer dress you’ve been lusting after for months finally goes on sale! But there’s only one left and it’s a size too small. You:
a) Buy it anyway. You can always starve yourself into it.
b) Buy it anyway. You know the name of an incredibly talented seamstress who works ultra cheap. She’ll let it out and make it look better than the original.
c) You already bought the dress four months ago when they had it in your size. Why should you deprive yourself of something you’re lusting after?

4. You sign in to the First Come, First Serve Nail Salon and are patiently waiting your turn when a woman who signed in thirty minutes after you gets called first. You:
a) Secretly seethe, but politely ask the attendant how much longer you’ll have to wait hoping she’ll realize you’re next. Because everyone knows sometimes these things just happen.
b) Ask to see the manager. In a very sweet voice, of course. Because everyone knows your mama didn’t raise no fool.
c) You would never go to a nail salon that doesn’t take appointments. Because everyone knows, time is money.

5. You’re at a club booty shaking with your girls when some slime-ball comes up behind you and begins rubbing himself all over you. You:
a) Pretend to pull a muscle and limp back to your table where you immediately order a stiff drink.
b) Immediately go to the bathroom where you pull the hand sanitizer out of your purse and douse any exposed skin he might have touched.
c) Immediately throw your drink in his face.

6. Your best friend is out of town and you see a car belonging to the skankzilla who’s after her husband parked in front of their house. You:
a) OMG. This is terrible. No one screws around on your best friend. But you need some advice quick, so you whip out your cell phone and call your other best friend to see what you should do.
b) Stop the car, go knock on the door, and demand to know what the hell is going on. No one screws around on your best friend.
c) Call the fire department to report a fire at the house. If there’s no hanky-panky going on, no harm. But if there is… well, they both deserve the public humiliation, because no one screws around on your best friend!

7. Your mother begins watching the television show Cougar Town and tells you she wants to get a boob job. You:
a) Smile and nod your head. Humoring her has always been the best route.
b) See if her plastic surgeon is running any 2-for-1 specials.
c) Find a priest who has been trained in exorcism.
you picked: a
you picked: b
you picked: c



Add up all your total points from the quiz to find out who you’re most like…

You picked:   Give yourself 0 points for each a answer

You picked:   Give yourself 1 point for each b answer

You picked:   Give yourself 2 points for each c answer

0-4: Aw, you’re a Kitty! Kitty is the main character in Bunco Babes Tell All and the peacemaker between fellow best friends and Bunco Babe founders, Shea and Pilar. Others are drawn to your warm smile and open manner. Occasionally, your dislike for making waves might make you seem like a bit of a doormat, but that’s okay because you have tons of friends and everyone loves you.

5-9: Of course you’re a Shea! Your mama taught you early in life that you can catch more flies with honey. You’re a bit of a diva, but you’re loyal and smart and people love to be around you because they always know you’ll get the best table at a restaurant.

10-14: There’s no doubt you’re a Pilar! Life is too short to mess around, so why not go after what you want? People either like you or they don’t. And the ones who don’t, aren’t worth worrying about, so who cares? Those who love you are drawn to your honesty and admire the fact that you know who you are. They also love to stick around just to see what outrageous stuff you’ll say.