Two Seances and a Funeral

Two Seances and a Funeral

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Series: Whispering Bay Mystery

Lucy McGuffin’s life has never been sweeter. Her muffin business is booming, she’s dating the town’s new hotshot cop, and she and her best friend Will are getting along better than ever. There’s just one blip. Lucy promised the local ghost society that they could use her little rescue dog Paco as a medium at one of their séances. The last thing she wants is for anyone to realize the extent of Paco’s psychic abilities, so she stonewalls by insisting that Paco’s safety can only be assured by the presence of nationally acclaimed canine expert Woofio.

When Woofio is brought on board, Lucy has no choice but to keep her promise and agree to the seance. Everything seems to go smoothly until a spirit warns them that Paco must be returned to his original owner or “else.” Lucy doesn’t know much about Paco’s history, but she isn’t giving up her beloved pooch to anyone, no matter what some rogue ghost threatens. When Paco’s original owner is found murdered, Lucy becomes a person of interest. And if that isn’t bad enough, Woofio wants to exploit Paco to boost the ratings on his flailing TV show.

Lucy isn’t about to take the rap on a murder charge, or worse, let some dog whisperer wannabe get his paws on Paco. Which means she not only has to ferret out the real killer, she must find a way to save Paco from the yoke of a rhinestone collar and pursuit by the pup-arazzi. All without stepping on her new boyfriend’s toes. How did her sweet life go so sour?

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