Then He Kissed Me

Then He Kissed Me

She was the beautiful blonde cheerleader. He was the class nerd. Can one kiss really change everything?

Series: Whispering Bay Romance

Lauren Donalan was once Whispering Bay’s golden girl—the rich, bubbly blonde cheerleader who married the high school football star. Fast forward thirteen years and she’s a single mom trying to hold on to a failing business and prove that she’s more than just a trust fund baby with really good hair.

Nate Miller might have been a nerd in high school, but he’s back in town ready to start his medical practice and every momma with a single daughter has their radar aimed straight at him, Lauren’s mom included.

Lauren doesn’t need a man to complete her, but when she finds herself set up with Nate, she can’t help but fall for the sexy, confident ex-nerd. But only a big love will make Lauren change her mind about commitment.

As Nate attempts to win Lauren over, a real estate co-op threatens Lauren’s business—and Nate’s ex comes back to town to create trouble.

Now Lauren has to decide to go big or go home—both in business and in love.

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I hated for this book to end. Loved every word of it.
-- 5 Star Amazon Review
Maria Geraci books are a like a breath of fresh air. Women's Romance for women who LOVE romance.
-- Margie’s Must Reads
This book has a little bit of everything, evil land developer, crazy ex-girlfriend, nerdy and oh so sexy Dr. and Lauren, the divorced, single mom who has a love of retro-style clothes, and who you can’t help but to love.
-- Carol Goodreads Addict

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