What the world needs now, is more FREE books – Maria Geraci

What the world needs now, is more FREE books

So part ofeBookDaily250 my New Year’s Goals is that everyone on the planet will read one of my books. Just kidding. No, seriously. Everyone on the planet needs to read one of my books. Or something equally fun and light that will make you laugh and is full of hope and romance and makes you feel good. I guarantee, laughter will do wonders for your blood pressure  😉

So in keeping with this philanthropic attitude, I will continue to keep the first book in my Whispering Bay series, THAT THING YOU DO permanently free. So try it. And laugh, and fall in love, and keep that dopamine flowing. What the world needs now is more FREE books. And peace, of course!

So check out some free books (including my own!), right here.

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