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What I learned at the WRW retreat

jamie and meSo, this past weekend I attended the Washington Romance Writers Retreat. I don’t think I’ve been to a more laid back conference or had as much fun in a long while (remember, I’ve been busy writing 3 books this past year!). There were so many highlights so it’s hard to summarize it all, but here goes.

1. If your books don’tme and Bella Andre   come in for the signing, that’s cool. As long as you’re sitting next to Bella Andre. The woman is Amazing. I’d met Bella before she was BELLA ANDRE (yes, that deserves all caps) and have run into her several times at RWA conferences, but sitting next to her for 3 hours is something else. She’s funny and smart and extremely generous with her advice and time. A total class act.

2. Jamie Farrell has more energy than a dozen Energizer bunnies put together (which I already knew). Plus, she’s funnier (but I already knew that too!).

3. Romance Jeopardy is NOT FAIR. However, having Mary Kay Andrews on your team makes up for tRita Clay Estradafarmer's market in Marylandhat!

4. We should all get our knees and pay homage to Rita Clay Estrada. If it wasn’t for her and her mother and a few more determined writers we wouldn’t have Romance Writers of America. She’s so inspiring!

5. Maryland is beautiful. Really. I had no idea.

6. Apparently, I wear the same necklace to every signing/professional photo session. Who knew? But the photo evidence doesn’t lie.

7. And finally, last but not least, Washington Romance Writers rock!

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