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Lilly does Target!

lilly pulitzerI know I’m not the only one excited to hear that Lilly Pulitzer is opening a new line at my favorite store (besides Nordstrom that is).  Yep, Lilly is doing Target. And I’m absolutely thrilled.

I love Target for so many reasons, one being they are quickly becoming the nation’s best little bookstore. With the death of Borders and so many Barnes and Noble’s closing, I’ve found that if I want a real time book fast (and discounted), Target is my best bet. Sad, but true. I’ve never had any of my own books sold in Target, but it’s a goal I’d love to achieve. New York Times list? Sure, I’ll take it. But honestly, I’d rather be in Target 😉

Another reason this just all tickles my funny bone is that I have a heroine in an upcoming book (THEN HE KISSED ME, coming May, 2015) who ends up designing a Lilly inspired maternity line (that’s a bit of a spoiler, but I think I can say that it won’t ruin the book for you).

Check out these Lilly star sandals. I definitely WANT a pair of these!

star sandals


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