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Latina power

I know I should have beengina rodriquez writing last night, but, well, the Golden Globes were on. And so was Downton Abbey. AND The Good Wife. It always seems like some sort of conspiracy theory that all the good shows come on at the same time. Thank God for the power of the DVR and On Demand 🙂

While switching channels between shows, I caught a tiny bit of the Golden Globes. I think it was kismet that I happened to catch Gina Rodriquez’s acceptance speech for her work in Jane the Virgin. I have to admit, I was intrigued by the show’s title when I first heard about it awhile back, but I never saw the show. I knew it was based on a popular Venezuelan telenovela (Spanish soap opera), but I just didn’t have room on my limited TV schedule for another how.

All that changed last night, when after her speech, I channel surfed through ON Demand to find a few episodes of the show.

Yep. I’m now hooked. Love the premise! Love Abuela! And love Jane. Oh, and the guy who plays Raphael isn’t half bad either.



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