Don’t judge me because I still have my Christmas tree up – Maria Geraci

Don’t judge me because I still have my Christmas tree up

And the outside lights. Yep. They’re still on too. ¬†Usually I keep my lights and my tree up till Jan 2. I mean, please don’t tell me you take your tree down on December 26 (because that always makes me sad!). Jan 5, however, is just a tad wee bit too long, but since our oldest daughter flew down on Saturday for her holiday break I am more than justified in keeping the tree up. We picked up her up at the airport late (she missed her original flight from JFK) and we pretty much crashed that evening. Yesterday, however, we celebrated her arrival with a lovely dinner out at Shula’s, followed by a rainy evening in, watching a movie (Downton Abbey was being recorded on the DVR).


So, what did we see, you ask?

The Babadook.

Now, normally, I do NOT do scary movies. I am Big Chicken number 1 at this house, but Steph made a pretty good case as to why we should see the movie, and since I’m thrilled she’s here, she won.

I will admit, I actually liked it (a little wine helped that along). It was creepy, yes, but also very well acted, and poignant, as well. As far as scary movies go, I give it a thumbs up.

The only thing missing from a perfect evening was chocolate. About half-way through the film, the girls and I made this horrifying discovery. I mean, less than a week ago, the house was filled with candy. So I ask you. WHERE did all the chocolate go?

I am going with the Babadook took it.

Must go to out today and replenish. For all our sakes.

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