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It’s a Wonderful Writing Life

jimmy stewart

Oh, Jimmy, you have no idea how much I love this picture of you! 😉   

I just finished the final revisions for book 2 of my upcoming Whispering Bay Romance trilogy. I absolutely love these books and I hope you do too! All three books will come out within 3 weeks of each other in Spring of 2015 and I hope to be able to share the covers soon. The books are all contemporary romances, and each features a different heroine and hero, as well as characters from my Bunco Babes novels.

Here’s the line up:

THAT THING YOU DO  April 28, 2015

THEN HE KISSED ME   May 12, 2015

THAT MAN OF MINE   June 2, 2015

The second bojimmy and donna kissingok in the series, THEN HE KISSED ME has a bit of a It’s a Wonderful Life theme going. It’s my favorite holiday movie and it’s my heroine’s favorite movie of all time and her absolute go-to comfort flic whenever she needs a  pick-me-up.  I have to admit, I decorate my Christmas tree while watching it to help get me in the mood. I think everyone has that special holiday movie that they absolutely have to see each Christmas, and this is without a doubt, my favorite. Plus, you know, there’s Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed and that awesome kiss they share while she’s talking to another guy on the phone. Sigh! Go, Jimmy!

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