That Moment when your manuscript seems perfect – Maria Geraci

That Moment when your manuscript seems perfect

shutterstock_2572082Call it Nirvana. Call it Heaven. Or whatever else you want. But this picture sums up exactly how I feel right now. I’m about to shoot off the first manuscript in my Whispering Bay romance series to my crit partner and my agent. I’ve been working on this story for a LONG time. Longer than I’ve ever worked on any other story. Partly because while I’ve been writing it, I’ve also been writing and brainstorming parts of the other 2 books that will follow it. All 3 books will be released next year (at least, that’s the plan) and I’m thrilled.

So today I’m going to print the whole thing out (for the umpteenth time) and do one final edit. Hopefully, I won’t find anything that will make me cringe (although I know I probably will) and while I know the manuscript isn’t perfect and that there will be things I’ll need to edit again, right now, at this very moment it seems perfect to me.

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