Sorry for the website issues – Maria Geraci

Sorry for the website issues

Ack! I’m having wordpress issues so none of my pages are working right now. My sidebar is okay, so if you’re here to visit, please click away. I promise, nothing will explode on you 🙂  Hopefully, my issue will be resolved very soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to play a little game in which I’ve been tagged. It’s called the game of 7’s (or something like that). Here’s how the game works: You go to your current work in progress to page 7, line 7 and write down the next 7 lines. No backstory, no nothing. This is from the 1st of my Whispering Bay Romance trilogy that will be released in late spring, 2015 and it’s current title is THAT THING YOU DO.

She waited a few minutes so that her vision adjusted to the darkness. Years ago, she’d been inside this building. Buela had brought her here after Allie had graduated high school, proud of the granddaughter about to go off to college that she’d raised almost single-handedly. Back then the senior center had been alive. Full of noise and energy. Now, the place just looked sad. Empty, with bits of scattered trash strewn on the floor.

Something small and dark scurried past her. Correction. Not exactly empty.



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