Getting caught in your Granny Panties could win you a free book! – Maria Geraci

14 Replies to “Getting caught in your Granny Panties could win you a free book!”

    1. Thanks, Tom 🙂 Actually, this is an older book, published back in 2009. My current wip (work in progress) takes place in the same setting with many of the same characters, so you can call it a precursor.

  1. Well, when I was preggers with my twins I told my hubs he’d have to deal with the granny panties! LOL It’s hard finding comfy undies during pregnancy much less while preggers with multiples!

    Thanks for the chance!
    forgethousework at gmail dot com

  2. After my C-Section. low cut underwear still still bug me sometimes. And if I haven’t done laundry in a while I will totally rock the granny panties.

  3. I wear granny panties all the time because I love them and think they are so comfy!!!! But I’ve NEVER told anyone that before!!! Embarrassing!!! Lol!! I do have some fancy and cute undies that I have stocked away for when they are needed. Haha!!! I hope no one I know reads this!!! Ekkk! The things you admit to, to win a free book from an amazing author! Lol!

  4. This is between us ladies right? I use to wear Granny panties they were more comfortable but I can’t find any that doesn’t ride up your butt cheeks. I got so tired of pulling them out I just said the hell with it and don’t wear any.

    But I do love men boxers and wear them as shorts and to sleep in…does that count?

    1. Hey, Linda! We share the same name! I don’t know many Geraci’s, so how fun is that? Oh, commando. That’s another post entirely 😉
      Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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