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Bunco Tuesday!

buncolatorSee this cute little iPhone app on my left? Three guesses as to what it is. If you guessed that it’s a Buncolator, then you’d be right. It’s an app used to keep score while you’re playing Bunco. Genius! It was invented by two Bunco-playing ladies, Catherine Shaw and Lindsay Forlines and you can read all about it right here. I’m going to desperately try to work a mention of it in my next book which features my fabulous Bunco Babes  from my first 2 books) as secondary characters. Hopefully it won’t get washed out in the edit.

Speaking of books, I’m reading Bridge of Scarlet Leaves, which I’ll talk about in the next couple of weeks to finish out my RITA reading.

And speaking of reading, this is where I plan to do it. While sitting on my chair at the beach. Indian Shores, here I come!


indian shores beach


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