Happy Mothers Day to Me – Maria Geraci

Happy Mothers Day to Me

So… no Chihuahua pasada for us on Saturday. We woke up Saturday morning to a drizzly, gray sky with temps down in the fifties. Um, this is Florida, people. And May to boot! What are the weather Gods thinking? No self-respecting/weather spoiled Floridian traipses about outdoors in this kind of weather so we changed our game plan and went shopping.

I’ve wanted/needed a new phone for awhile now, so number one on the shopping list was a stop at the AT&T store.  We also needed to stop by Best Buy and have the Geek Squad check something out on my new computer.  Mike Geraci and I drove to our nearest AT&T store only to find that it didn’t open till 9 a.m.  It was a quarter till 9 and Mike Geraci suggested we wait. Wait? Heck no, I have things to do and novels to write. My suggestion was that we go to Best Buy (which surely must open at 9) and is on the other side of town, and hit the AT&T store near there. Mike Geraci thinks this is a fine plan.

Except the Best Buy doesn’t open till 10 and now it’s pouring rain. Okay, no problem, we’ll go to the At&T store by the Best Buy. Except it’s no longer there (actually, it is there, they just moved the location and we couldn’t find it).

Grrr…. So now, we’re hungry and since we’re on the south side of town decide to go to Angelette’s for breakfast. Shrimp and grits for me (I order this every time I’m there) and bananas foster French toast for Mike Geraci.  Except of course, we have to wait 30 minutes for  a table (totally worth it, btw). So I head to Publix to pick up a few things and we discover… an AT&T store in the same strip mall as Angelette’s. Score! Except, this AT&T store doesn’t open till 10 and we don’t want to linger there because they could call our name any second at Angelette’s and we certainly don’t want to miss breakfast.

We gleefully stuff ourselves and run to the AT&T store near the restaurant, only to find a line for service. Okay, no problem, because I start playing with the phones and this is when I fall in love. Head over heels in love. The object of my affection? The Galaxy Note 2. It’s like… something from the Jetsons.  I think it does everything but scrub my toilets.

Finally it’s our turn and I tell the sales guy that I want this Galaxy Note 2. He’s happy to sell it to me. Except they don’t have any. You see, this AT&T is not a corporate store (not sure what that means) and only corporate stores carry MY phone. Okay, so where’s a corporate store?

Yep, you guessed it. The store near my house that opened at 9 a.m.

Oy vey. Now, to make matters worse, the sales guy asks if I wouldn’t mind if another store sends the phone to him so he can get credit for the sale. Which means I’ll have to come back to the store that is all the way across town instead of getting the phone from my nearby store. But of course, I can’t say no to the guy. My oldest daughter works in retail and I know how important those commissions are. Long story short, though, I got my phone and I couldn’t be happier. Now if I could only get it to make dinner for me 🙂


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