Bunco Wednesday! – Maria Geraci

Bunco Wednesday!

I’ve been remiss the past couple of weeks, but I’m back with Bunco Wednesday! Bringing you the best Bunco tips I encounter, either on the web or in person.

So check out this fabulous post by the Pink Blossoms Event blog, featuring holiday Bunco themes, in this case, it was St. Patrick’s Day. Recipes, decoration ideas, you name it. Great post. One of the things mentioned was a potato bar. I did one of those for Bunco at my house a couple of years back and it was a great success.

Speaking of potatoes ( I feel very Dan Qualish every time I type that word. because, yes it’s a weird word), what do you think of the new mashed potato bar trend? A friend of mine who is getting married in a couple of months, asked my opinion because they’re thinking of including one at the reception. I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’m all in because who doesn’t LOVE mashed potatoes? Especially when they are served to you in a martini glass. Yum!

martini mashed potato bar

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