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Book Marketing tips and what showed up on my Kindle

Interested in some book marketing advice? Say no more. Skip over to the Girlfriend’s Book Club and check out Malena Lott’s blog today.

As for me, I’m busy typing away on the wip, but not too busy of course, to read. I always have to be reading. I’m always amazed when someone tells me they don’t enjoy reading. It’s like saying “I don’t enjoy breathing.” I don’t get it. And it always makes me sad. Of course, they probably think I live in a delusional world filled with make believe characters. And they’d be partially right 🙂

the racketeer


So what’s on my nightstand right now? The Racketeer by John Grisham. My husband received it (a real honest to God hardback novel!) for Christmas and he enjoyed it and passed it along to me. I’ve read a lot of Grisham’s work and have enjoyed most of it. Some not so much when he gets a bit preachy, but I  like his legal thrillers (The Firm, The Runaway Jury) and his cutesy non-legal stuff as well (Skipping Christmas). I’m about half-way through the book and am happy to say, I’m hooked. Great use of mingling 1st person point of view with third person/omniscient narration. Very hard, I think, to pull off successfully without confusing or losing your audience. But Grisham is a talented writer and I think he can pull off anything he wants.

As for what showed up on my Kindle this week:

a duke never yields

A Duke Never Yields by Juliana Gray.

I’ve never read Juliana Gray before. So how did this end up on Kindle? I was browsing through Eloisa James’ FB page and she pimped the book by posting an excerpt. A completely impulsive purchase. But I love regency romance and I love this cover and I love Eloisa James, so hopefully I’ll find a new author to love as well. Here’s the except, by the way:

“My dear girl, I will apologize one more time for my boorish behavior last night. It was inexcusable.”

“It was dreadfully disappointing.”

“The next time we meet in bed, I shall endeavor not to disappoint you.”

There will be no next time.”

“Yes, there will.”

Ah, an arrogant hero. And sex. I’m sold.


The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs by Dana Bate.



This one I probably would have bought based on the title alone. So chick-litty, I love it. Then of course, there’s that fabulous cupcake on the cover and I’m dead meat. An instant buy.

But really, I pre-ordered this one based on advanced reviews which were all glowing and said I had to read this book. So who am I to disagree? That, and the fact that the protagonist’s name is Hannah Sugarman, which seems like some delicious irony of which I highly approve.


I’ll be heading to Orlando tomorrow, along with Mike Geraci to visit our daughter for her college sorority father/daughter weekend (Mother/daughter weekend was last year). Her birthday is next Tuesday, so we’ll take her out for a little celebration. What does she want for her birthday? Why, an iPhone upgrade of course. We’ll see about that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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