Kate is preggers! – Maria Geraci

Kate is preggers!

I don’t think I’m breaking any palace secrets here. The whole National Enquirer reading world pretty much knows by now that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Congrats to Will and Kate!

I’m not a celebrity stalker by any means, but I do have a certain stalkerish-fetish  thing going on with Kate. I just find her so dang adorable.

The baby news came out a bit earlier than what I imagine the Palace wanted because Kate had to be hospitalized for Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is just a fancy way of saying she has severe morning sickness. Having been a labor and delivery nurse for about 26 years now, I can assure you this is not a huge deal.  She just needs some IV fluids and some Zofran or Reglan or Phenergan or whatever it is they prescribe for nausea in the UK. It does mean that her life will suck somewhat for a few more months to come (because let’s face it, throwing up ain’t pretty), but I’m sure Kate will have the best of care.

I also imagine the tabloids will have a field day keeping track of each little bump and hurdle in the pregnancy, promising us much foolish entertainment to come.  Can’t wait!

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