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Domestic Legacy

In case any of you were wondering what kind of stuff happens to a writer during the week their novel debuts, let me fill you in.  It’s exciting. I mean, your newest baby is let out into the world and you cross your fingers and hope and pray that everyone will love her (novels are like ships, you refer to them in the feminine tense. At least I do).  This basically means that even though you don’t want to, even though you fight against it like hell, you are constantly checking your email for fan mail (hey, I’m already getting some of that!), Amazon and B&N for sales stats or Goodreads for reviews. All of which leaves a girl very very tired and sets you up quite nicely for some domestic disaster to occur.

I’ll admit it. I ignored the warning signs. My faithful Kenmore washing machine began dancing on it’s own about 6 months ago. If you’ve never seen your washing machine dance, then you you’re in for a treat if it should ever happen to you. Basically this means the spin cycle thing-a-majiggy is shot.

The first time it happened I called 911 (Sears repair) and the lovely young guy who came out spent over 2 hours trying to breathe life back into the old gal. But alas, I guess there is no quick epinephrine fix for a washing machine that has seen the abuse of a household of 3 kids for 12 plus years.  Still, I made it work. Until two days ago when she finally ran out of steam. Which means I’m now taking my clothes to the laundromat until I can get a new washer.

Best part of the whole thing (because you gotta make lemonade out of lemons) is that Mike Geraci went to the laundromat with me, which will require it’s own blog post but I will just tell you that the man lives in a state of domestic bliss (as in ignorance).

Second best part of the whole thing is that while we were at the laundromat I decided to reward Mike Geraci and go see The Bourne Legacy (because he’s been dying to see it although I was gonna boycott it since my favorite actor Matt Damon wasn’t in it).  It was actually pretty good and if you are a fan of the other Bourne films, then you will probably like this one too. Jeremy Renner was decent as a Matt wannabe, although I can never see him in the same light. Plus he has these very weird fingernails. Every time the camera panned to his hands I cringed. Honestly. Is it just me? Maybe. Don’t know.

Bottom line: good actor, creepy looking fingers. And I need a new washing machine.


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