In search of the perfect Pastelito – Maria Geraci

In search of the perfect Pastelito

Working on a new manuscript, which I’m in love with, by the way.  Ask any author and they will tell you that in the process of writing a novel they love/hate the thing to death. Today is a love day.

One of my characters in the wip is Cuban and owns a restaurant called North of Havana. He also makes the best pastelitos, evah. What are pastelitos, you ask? Glad I’m here to tell you. Pastelitos are basically Cuban pastries. The ones my character makes are filled with meat, or picadillo, which is the most basic of all Cuban dishes. Now, I’m here to tell you that my mother makes the best picadillo you’ve ever tasted. I myself, make a mean picadillo, but I confess I’ve never made pastelitos. That is going to change however, because since my characters are making them in my novel, I really need to make them myself. Just so I get the scene right. You know? Of course, eating them afterward will be no hardship either. Pictures to come (hopefully!)


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