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Weekend Travel

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a workshop at the wonderful STAR RWA chapter (Space Coast Area Romance writers). The details are all right here.  

On the way down to Melbourne (my hometown, which is right by the lovely Cape Canaveral), I’ll be stopping in Gainesville to say hey to my middle one, who turned 21 yesterday (no more fake IDs for him) and will be visiting with my sister in Orlando. She and I are planning a bridal shower this coming August for the bride-to-be of my best friend’s son. My sister is a whiz at party planning (she’s an Interior Designer) so I’m sure she’s going to come up with lots of lovely ideas that I’ll share in the upcoming weeks in case you’re interested.

I have yet to make it to the actual beach this summer (GRRR) but that is going to change soon.

Have a safe and happy weekend, everyone!


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