Weekend round up – Maria Geraci

Weekend round up

What do you get when you put two writers with their lap tops in a hotel room for the weekend?

A writing retreat! Add some cold pizza and it’s good times for all.

I also managed to do a workshop presentation for the fabulous Gulfcoast RWA group in Mobile, Al. What a super terrific group of writers! Thanks ladies, and Patrick (and supporters!) for making me feel so welcome.

The meeting took place in a very cool coffee shop, Carpe Diem. I’m emerald green with envy. I want a Carpe Diem in Tallahassee (funny, one of my characters in A Girl Like You owns a bookstore named Carpe Diem! (yes, with an exclamation point because that’s how I roll.)



After getting back to Tally on Sunday afternoon, Mike Geraci, the teenager currently living at home, and myself went to see Snow White and (the sexy) Huntsman.

Fantastic movie. Except the sound went out in the last 10-15 minutes of the film. I kid you not. There were some angry folks in that theater. But those of us who stayed to hear the audience sound effects got a good giggle out of it and we did get free movie passes for our next visit to the AMC. Mike Geraci says he doesn’t need to hear the ending to know what happens. He does, after all, have eyes.

But me personally, I want to hear every little second of it.

Two big thumbs up for this flic!


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