Bunco Wednesday! – Maria Geraci

Bunco Wednesday!

Today is Bunco Wednesday and I’m rummaging through my Fun Stuff closet to bring you the best of the best. This cute little idea was given to me by the Drunko Babes of Midlothian, Virginia.  Meet: The Bunco Pig.

Our newest bit of fun is a traveling pig. The pig arrived at the January host’s house with a poem telling about his life and why he has run away from his farm to our Bunco group. The end of the poem instructed the member to ‘provide new text’. So the pig has traveled, going to a new member’s house each month, complete with a new poem or story! We are saving the poems that get written and have put them in a plastic sleeve so they don’t go missing. The pig is DEFINITELY a highlight of our get-togethers!”

I absolutely love this! Send your Bunco tips and recipes to mariageraci1@gmail.com and you and your Bunco group might make it to Bunco Wednesday!

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