One day I will make cake pops – Maria Geraci

One day I will make cake pops

I keep threatening to make cake pops.  One day, I will. Watch out Geraci household (because admittedly, I’m not the best baker on the planet).

If you really want to try a good cake pop recipe, try this one from Bakerella, where I go daily to drool over my computer.

Oh, and on an important side note: My Author talk to the North Florida Writers Group has been changed from this Saturday to May 5 (same place and time).

Don’t forget to come back here to my blog Monday for the beginning of a really terrific contest. Prizes involved.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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  1. And if you make them small enough, they have fewer calories, right?

    (Is this where I confess to being an excellent baker? And claim that it helps my creative process? And that the eating part isn’t too bad for creativity either?)

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