Whispering Bay Mystery 2

McGuffin, rhymes with muffin…   October, 2018

Joey “The Weasel” Frizzone has been deep undercover with one of the country’s largest organized crime families and he’s ready to testify against them. The trial isn’t for a couple of weeks and the feds need him to lay low, so they hide him in a place no one would never think to look—a sleepy little town in Florida called Whispering Bay.

Lucy McGuffin bakes the best muffins in town. She’s also a human lie detector, a talent that hasn’t always been easy to live with, because, c’mon, how many times can a girl hear “It’s me, not you” and keep a straight face? Lucy’s ability to sniff out a lie has given her a reputation for solving crime, so when an attempt is made on Joey’s life, local cop, Travis Fontaine reluctantly seeks Lucy’s help.

Lucy and Travis don’t have the best relationship. The arrogant cop thinks he’s God’s gift to women and Lucy doesn’t want anything to do with him. But someone in the FBI must have a big mouth, because soon there’s enough hitmen in town to make Whispering Bay look like a reunion site for the Sopranos.

Then someone starts whacking off the hit men. As the body count starts to rise, Lucy realizes she has to step up to the plate. Travis needs Joey to stay alive long enough to testify and Lucy wants her quaint little town back, minus the mobsters. With the help of her best friend Will, and her little rescue dog Paco, Lucy and Travis set out to discover who’s behind all the hits because if they don’t, Whispering Bay may never be the same again. Ba-da-Bing. Ba-da-Boom.

 Excerpt, coming soon!